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My research is often driven by mainstream technological phenomena. Over the past fourteen years, I have done research in various areas within Information Systems such as social media in business and society, digital service innovation, digital platforms, the sharing economy, value co-creation, affordances, sociomateriality, and generally the relationship between the digital and material.

In the past few years, I have been looking into digital platforms as well as the phenomenon of the sharing economy with a special focus on understanding the role of digital platforms (e.g., Uber's service platform, Apple's iOS) in enabling novel forms of value co-creation. 

In general, my persistent research interest is in the theory of affordances and how it can be used to both understand the use of technology in various contexts as well as to theorize the relationship between the digital and material. I also have a particular interest in digitalization especially the use of digital platforms for service innovation such as Open Banking and other Fintech solutions. 

My research has been published at top IS venues such as SJIS, ECIS, and ICIS. Besides research publications, I have been involved in various national and international research activities such as co-chairing a track on Economics and Value of IS at ECIS2016, co-organinzing a Social Media Studies symposium in 2015, co-editing a special issue on Social Media for the Information Research Journal (2016), and serving as reviewer and associate editor in many IS conferences and journals.  


My teaching experience spans many years of work in multiple roles as lecturer, course director, and thesis supervisor and examiner. I have been responsible for teaching many courses within Information Systems throughout my career reflecting a wide variety of subjects such as Social Media, Digital Innovation, Research Methods, IT Governance, Information Strategy, IS Sourcing, Interaction Design, Managing Digitalization, Contemporary Issues in IS, and others.Besides my teaching experience, I have been assigned as supervisor and examiner for many theses in IS at both bachelor and master levels (ck. 75); thesis supervision is one of my special interests.

On a doctoral level, I am currently co-supervising a PhD student whose research is focused on public digital health platforms. I am involved in teaching a doctotal course - Research in Information Systems and Informatics -  that is offered by the Swedish School of Management and Information Technolgy (MIT) and managed by Informatics at both Lund University and Uppsala University. In addition to this, I am course director for the PhD course on Design Science Research in Information Systems.  

At the moment, I am course director and examiner for courses including Research Methods in IS, Managing Digitalization, IS Sourcing, and thesis (degree) courses on both bachelor and master levels. 



I am currently a senior lecturer in Information Systems at the Department of Informatics at Lund University. Before joining Lund University, I worked briefly as a research fellow in IS after successfully defending my PhD thesis at Linnaeus University. Then, I moved into University of Borås where I had a position as a senior lecturer doing research within social media as well as teaching a variety of courses at the undergraduate and master levels. Later, I joined Jönköping University as Assistant Professor with reseponsbilities in both teaching and research within the master program in Information Systems.

While my professional career is largely in academia, I worked in the business industry as a senior process management consultant but this was only for a brief period as I rushed to get my PhD. 

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  • SDG 3 – God hälsa och välbefinnande

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  • Mänsklig interaktion med IKT
  • Systemvetenskap, informationssystem och informatik med samhällsvetenskaplig inriktning


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