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Broadly my research interests fall within two broad areas: 1. Subjective well-being and harmony in life, and 2. Statistical semantics, artificial intelligence and the quantification of the meaning of words as a research tool within psychological science.

Well-Being and Harmony in life

My research on subjective well-being involves examining different ways to conceptualize and measure well-being and happiness. I’m currently investigating how the constructs of harmony in life, satisfaction with life, and happiness relate to each other. Following on from that, I’m exploring how these variables relate to a broader sense of well-being; with an interest for sustainable well-being and how pursuing different types of well-being might bring about different social and environmental consequences.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Semantic Measures

In my research I use AI to quantify the meaning of words; Natural language processing (NLP) enables us to quantify the meaning of words and Machine learning (ML) enables us to examine the relationship between words and numerical variables and outcomes. Using these methods, we have developed a method where individuals can describe their states of mind using words. We have found that this semantic measures approach complements traditional closed-ended rating scales as the method enables us to measure, describe and differentiate well between psychological constructs.


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  • Psykologi


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