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Panagiota Chatzidaki

Knuten till universitetet, Lund University

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My research focuses on designing and evaluating online learning environments in particle physics education.

My project builds on a new format of online learning environments that my research group at CERN has developed, called a Digital Learning Module (DLM). A DLM consists of pre-recorded explanatory and experiment videos, interactive elements (e.g., quizzes, shortcuts), interactive screen experiments, and expert interviews, all integrated in an H5P module that is openly available online.  The content of this already developed DLM is an application of particle physics in medical diagnostics, specifically Positron-Emission-Tomography (PET). The aim of my PhD project is to first qualitatively evaluate the existing DLM, and subsequently design a new DLM. 

For the evaluation of the existing DLM, I have studied theories of digital and traditional learning offering design principles that can be useful for the design of a DLM, e.g., the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning, the Variation Theory of Learning, the Predict-Observe-Explain method etc.. I am conducting interviews with high-school students while they are using the DLM, and verifying which of the employed design principles are effective. The set of effective design principles will constitute the foundation of the new DLM.

The new DLM will address the topic of interaction of radiation with matter, set in the context of space travel. These were selected based on findings from previous studies on students’ interest, pointing that both female and male students find these highly and equally interesting. 

The overall scope of my PhD is to study the effect of these DLMs on students’ physics-related conceptual understanding, interest, self-concept, and career aspirations, and to derive and iteratively test design principles that can be employed in the design of future DLMs. Through this, my project is therefore contributing to the effort of improving the educational experiences of physics students in general.


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