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M.Sc. in cognitive and neuropsychology, M.A. and PhD in Ecological Psychology and Dynamic Systems Theory. Currently applying principles from these perspectives to motor movement/performance, social psychology, industrial organizational psychology, and sports psychology.

My central interests lie within action-perception loops, quantified in movements. This applies to more theoretical projects that explore methods and analyses used to gain information about a given task/movement, understanding how skill learning works, or how the optimal blend of flexibility and structure leads to resilient movement strategies. It also applies to more applied projects, for example within sports psychology, within particular sports, both exploring coaching pedagogy and how to apply ecological dynamics to particular practices. It also applies to physiotherapy and injury prevention, where dynamics and kinematics are captured in natural settings.

In social psychology my colleagues and I are looking at neoliberalism at the individual level and the consequences of adherence to neoliberal ideology as a predictor of social exclusion and social distance. The method essentially takes advantage of people's sensitivity to particular constraints, and, in addition to finding out what, also shows when and how relevant constraints can perturb decision making and force a change in decision.

Similarly, in industrial and organizational psychology we use a dynamic version of certain recruitment tools to gauge how changing information over time perturbs people's decisions about a scenario. This is related to concepts like absorptive capacity in the I/O literature.

In circular economies one of the resources that could contribute to resilience is local repair alternatives. In our seminal paper in the area we argue that local repair is a resource for all different levels of society, from individuals to families, to communities, to companies, and tied to all of these, to climate, animal and nature sustainability.


Statistical Consultant for the Swedish Red Cross to gather, collate, and disseminate data about the work that all of Sweden's 350+ local chapters perform on a regular basis and in response to current crises.

Collaboration with ABF MittSkåne to research the healing process of people that are on long-term sick leave.

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