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I am senior lecturer and head of the division for Fashion Studies at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences. I hold a PhD in Textile History from the department of Art History, Uppsala University through the Nordic Museum Graduate School for Museum Employees. I am a former curator at the Textile Museum in Borås and have curated several exhibitions on textiles, design and fashion.

My main research interest is the cultural history of textiles and fashion, with a focus on material culture and gender perspective. My research includes studies of pre-industrial manufacturing techniques in European fashionable dress and underwear including pattern construction and sewing techniques, tailors and seamstresses as professional groups and the relationship between production, consumption and fashion in the 18th and early 19th centuries. I am also interested in questions about the relation between textiles, clothes and sustainability, the connection between production and consumption as well as everyday use and meaning of fashionable dress in the long eighteenth century.  This interest has led me to the study of clothes in a lifecycle perspective, recycling practices and burial clothes. I have always found the starting point for my research in museum collections of fashion and textile objects and have a keen interest in how the object based methods can be used and developed.

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