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My research area is natural language processing, focusing on semantic processing, with topics like multilingual processing, coreference resolution, entity linking, and Q/A systems. Semantic processing plays a fundamental role in applications such as robotics, human-machine dialogue, etc. As part of the research, together with researchers in my group, we have developed semantic processing components and infrastructure frameworks that are open-source and used by other researchers worldwide. One example is a high precision semantic parser for unrestricted text in English, Chinese, German, Swedish, and several other languages. Another example is Langforia/Docforia, a multilingual processing pipeline with a uniform visualization interface, supporting Spark-based cluster computing.

I have published over 150 research articles and supervised 7 PhD students so far (3 in France and 4 in Sweden). I teach courses in natural language processing and machine learning. Finally, I am the author of a textbook Language Processing with Perl and Prolog, Springer, now in its 2nd edition.

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