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Richard Choularton's research focuses on the links between climate and food security, resilience measurement, emergency preparedness and response, and organizational learning from disasters. He is studying the impacts of climate change on food crises and famines and the tools needed to build resilience and eliminate hunger in a changing climate.  


Richard Choularton is the Vice President of Operations at Tetra Tech, a global science, engineering, and international development consulting firm with over 21,000 associates. Richard leads Tetra Tech’s international work on agriculture, including smart climate agriculture, agricultural technology and advanced analytics, and climate risk management for clients, including the World Bank, World Food Programme, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and USAID. Richard also leads Tetra Tech ARD’s digital transformation processes fostering innovation in digital development and improving internal business systems. He is the former Chief of the World Food Program’s Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction Unit, where he established an innovation program to develop the next generation of climate risk management tools to address food crises. Richard has also served as Director of the Office of Humanitarian Assistance at Global Communities and as Decision and Planning Support Advisor for the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET). 


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