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Riikka has a decade of research experience from the field of sustainable real estate, coupled with over 5 years in the industry. Motivated by the substantial environmental impact of the built environment, Riikka is passionate about bringing research findings into action. Recently, she has studied adaptability, modularity, and co-location, all of which hold potential for making real estate more sustainable. Testing how well these solutions align with the principles of Circular Economy is her most current research interest.


Riikka has experience with undergraduate and graduate level teaching and supervision at Aalto University in Finland. Her studies in Higher Education pedagogy have sparked an interest to try out different student-centered methods in Real Estate teaching. At LTH, she is responsible for the courses VFTN60 Real Estate Business and VFTN65 Methods in Real Estate Economics and Management (shared course responsibility).


Riikka acts as the Editor-in-Chief for the Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research (NJSR). She is also a Topic Editor for MDPI's Sustainability.

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