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Legitimacy, knowledge creation and practical drift in information security management

Bo Petterson and Mikael Sundström, Department of Political Science. Robert Holmberg, assistant professor, Department of Psychology.

The main research interest is the study of how organisations can develop sustainable knowledge and legitimacy generation processes within the field of information security. The aim is to develop and test a process-model for best-practise analysis, planning and implementation of ISM in actual organisations.

Sustainable managers? Motivation and health in managers — an intervention study

Robert Holmberg, Magnus Larsson, Mats Fridell, Martin Bäckström

This project is a quasi-experimental study of managers taking part in 12 day management training program. Some of the variables studied are health, KASAM, change leadership efficacy and the project aims at developing an understanding of processes during the intervention as well as effects on the individual level. Findings from the project will be used to develop guidelines for management development.

The practice of political leadership—ethnographic studies of agency and support seeking

Robert Holmberg, Malena Rosén, Magnus Larsson

The aim is to study the interplay between political ideas and practical administrative realities through the dynamic relation between agency, taking the form of leadership, and political support and legitimacy.

The voice of the employee: A critical study of employee surveys as a relational practice

Peter Svensson, Magnus Larsson, Robert Holmberg

The overall ambition of this project is to contribute to the knowledge of the practice of employee surveys (ES) by means of acknowledging it as a micro-anchored relational and political practice. More specifically, the purpose of the project is to produce an empirically grounded description and analysis of the practice of employee surveys, with a focus on how significant actors (employees, managers, consultants) make sense of ES and how these actors, in social interaction, deal with the various tasks and challenges that arise in the use of ES


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