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I am a Chilean Biochemist (University of Chile) and a recently graduated Biomedical PhD (Universidad Catolica and Universidad de Los Andes, Chile. Directors: Dr. Jose Luis Santos and Dr. Victor Cortes). During my thesis, I was working to understand how serotonin signaling regulates glucose stimulating insulin secretion in a mouse β-cell line (MIN6) and also trying to know whether changes in expression of serotoninergic genes (encoding for metabolic enzymes and receptors) may contribute to β-cell dysfunction observed under high free fatty acids condition (in vitro) or in obesity and type two diabetes mice model (db/db. Ex-vivo). 

Currently, I have joined to the Isabella Artner's group (LUDC) and I will be working towards understanding the role of autonomic nervous system, specially, neurotransmitter (acetylcholine/nicotine) signaling and other monoamines metabolism (MAO) in β-cell function and how these processes are regulated by MafA transcription factor.

Combining pharmacological and genetic approaches, we will study how nicotinic signaling could play a role in β-cell dysfunction in the diabetic development. For this project, we will study mice and human pancreatic islets in normal and metabolically abnormal conditions (namely, diet induced obesity, pharmacological induced insulin resistance and Diabetes).

Luis Rodrigo Cataldo Bascunan.


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