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I received my Ph.D. in water resources engineering from Lund University, Sweden, 1988, with  title:  Spatial hydrological processes in a water resources planning perspective: An investigation of rainfall and infiltration in Tunisia. At present I work mainly in collaboration projects regarding water resources development and management in the Middle East. During the last years I participated in two large EU-funded research projects in the Middle East: HYDROMED - Program of research on hill reservoirs in the semiarid Mediterranean and SOWAMED - Network for the exchange of methodologies and expertise on sustainable water management and land husbandry in the Mediterranean.

Current research

At present I participate in the research program Cooperation within the Middle East in the Contemporary World (MECW) for the sub-project Hydropolitics, security, and international law together with Department of Political Science, Lund University.

Other research projects I participate in are:

- Suez Canal University, Egypt, Pollution reduction in Cairo urban water system,

- Shiraz University, Iran, Artificial groundwater recharge in Southern Iran,

- Damascus University, Syria, Improved water management using modeling approach,

- Institut National de Recherche en génie rural,eaux et forêts, Tunisia, Erosion control to improve water management.


CV RONNY BERNDTSSON               


1. Higher education qualifications

1982, MSc, Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University.


2. Degree of doctor

1988, Spatial hydrological processes in a water resources planning perspective: An investigation of rainfall and infiltration in Tunisia, Dep. of Water Resour. Eng., Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, Supervisor: Prof. Gunnar Lindh.


3. Postdoctoral positions

1.5 years 1990-92, Kyushu University, Japan, 6 months 1992-93 Space Research Institute, Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil.


4. Qualification required for appointment as a docent



5. Specialist certification or equivalent

Not applicable.


6. Present position

2000 -            present, permanent Professor in Water Resources Engineering, Lund University (since 2010 50% employment at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University), 70% research, 20% teaching, 10% admin.


7. Previous positions and periods of appointment

1997 -  2003, Senior Research Position in Global Biogeosphere Dynamics, Especially Soil and Water Interactions, Swedish Natural Sciences Research Council.

1992 -  1996, Research Associate Position, Swedish Natural Sciences Research Council.

1995 -  2000, Assistant Professor, Department of Water Re­sources Engineering, Lund University.

1981 -  1994, Research Associate, Department of Water Re­sources En­gineering, Lund University.


8. Interruption in research



9. Supervision

PhDs Completed:

1. Bahri, A., (1995), Environmental impacts of water and sewage sludge use in culti­vated fields in Tunisia, Lund Univ.

2. Yasuda, H., (1996), Soil heterogeneity effects on water and solute transport, methodological comparison in different climates, Lund Univ.

3. Uvo, C., (1998), Influence of sea surface temperature on rainfall and runoff in Northeastern South America: analysis and modeling, Lund Univ.

4. Svensson, C., (1998), Properties of extreme rainfall in a southeast Asian monsoon climate catchment, Lund Univ.

5. Persson, M., (1999), Conceptualization of solute transport using time domain reflectometry, a combined laboratory and field study, Lund Univ.


6. Nasri, S., (2002), Hydrological effects of water harvestings techniques, Lund Univ.

7. Öhrström, P., (2005), Unsaturated solute transport in a semiarid catchment, Lund Univ.

8. Kalteh, A., (2007), Rainfall-runoff modeling using artificial neural networks (ANNs), Lund Univ.,

9. Jebari, S., (2009), Water erosion modeling using fractal rainfall disaggregation, a study in semiarid Tunisia, Lund Univ.

10. Bouksila, F., (2011), Sustainability of irrigated agriculture under salinity pressure – A study in semiarid Tunisia, Lund Univ.

11. Mourad, K., (2012), Marginal and virtual water for sustainable water resources management in Syria, Lund Univ.

12. Hashemi, H., (2014), Conjunctive use of surface-groundwater for recharge, Lund Univ.


PhDs Ongoing:

13. Tussupova, K., (2016), Water quality relationships and willingness to pay for drinking water services in Kazakhstan, Lund Univ.

14. Canedo, C., (2017), Water and sustainable development of Altiplano,Lund Univ.

15. Mussabek, D., (2018), PFAS transport in hydrological systems, Lund Univ.

16. Utomo, K., (2019), Water resources management in a tropical catchment, Lund Univ.

17. Du, K., (2020), Prediction of rainfall-runoof for the source area of Yangtze River, Lund Univ.


Ph.D.s co-supervised:

1. Zhang, T., (1991), A statistical approach for water movement in the unsaturated zone, Lund Univ.

2. Olsson, J., (1996), Scaling and fractal properties of rainfall, Lund Univ.

3. Garcia M.E., (2006), Transport of arsenic and heavy metals to Lake Poopo, Bolivia, - Natural leakage and anthropogenic effects, Lund Univ.

4. Ramiro Phillco, (2006), Transient water balance of Lake Poopo region, Bolivia, Lund Univ.

5. Bhunya, P. K., (2005), Statistical approaches for estimation of design discharge in ungauged catchments, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

6. Hamed, Y., (2008), Soil salinity and crop yield at El-Salam Canal area, Egypt, Lund Univ.

7. Calizaya, A. T., (2009), Water resources management efforts for best water allocation in the Lake Poopo basin, Bolivia, Lund Univ.

8. Rana, A., (2013), Climate change effects on rainfall and management of urban flooding, Lund Univ.

9. Selim, T., (2012), Evaluation of modern irrigation techniques with brackish water, Lund Univ.

10. Yuan, F., (2015), Hydrological response modeling under climate change, Lund Univ.



1994,             Dr. Tosao Hosokawa, Kyushu Sangyo University, Japan, 1 year.

2004,             Dr. Kei Nakagawa, Kagoshima University, Japan, 1 year.

2004,             Dr. Young-Hoon Jin, Kyushu University, Japan 1 year.

2006,             Dr. Yasser Hamed, Suez Canal University, Egypt, 9 months.

2009,             Dr. Xinping Wang, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China, 18 months.

2009,             Dr. Hua Li, Southwest Univ. of Science and Technology, China, 9 months.

2011,             Dr. Sihem Jebari, INRGREF, Tunisia, 2 years.


10. Other information


3 assignments as faculty opponent

36 assignments for scientific committee in PhD dissertations


1994 -  to 2002, Associate Editor of Journal of Hydrology.

1995 -  to 2004, Associate Editor Hydrological Sciences Journal.

2004    Guest editor in Special Issue Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, "Nonlinear Deterministic Dynamics in Hydrologic Systems: Present Activities and Future Challenges" (Guest Editors: Bellie Sivakumar, Ronny Berndtsson, and Upmanu Lall).

2008    Guest editor in Special Issue Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, SERRA, "Chaoticity versus Stochasticity in Environmental Systems: Diverging Views and Converging Ideas " (Guest Editors: Bellie Sivakumar and Ronny Berndtsson).

2009 -  2013, Associate Editor of Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, SERRA.

2014    Guest editor with Karin Aggestam in special issue on "Hydrology and peacebuilding in the Middle East" in Hydrological Sciences Journal.

1994,   Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences: S. Tern­wall Price.


2001 - present, Member of the International Water Academy, Chair no 137 (

2004 -  present, Advisory member of NGO Arab Healthy Water Association, Alexandria, Egypt (

2005,   Selected by IWA Publishing Journals for outstanding work as a referee in 2004.

Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Teknik och teknologier


  • water resources, hydropolitics, hydrosolidarity
  • Arid and semiarid climate
  • Sustainability


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