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Sakshi Vats is a PhD student at the Center for primary healthcare research (CPF) laboratory at Lund University, Malmö. CPF laboratory investigates diseases that are treated in primary care with a major focus on identifying new biomarkers. Sakshi has a background in pre-clinical research, with an MSc in Molecular medicine from Imperial College London, United Kingdom. In her current PhD project, she is investigating a vascular disease called abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) by looking at the genetic-epigenetic factors associated with it. She is enthusiastic about employing highthroughput research techniques to investigate how the genetic-molecular factors interact with or modify the effect of clinical-environmental risk factors in multifactorial diseases like AAA. Apart from research, Sakshi is actively involved in administrative committees at the faculty and is currently serving as Chair of the Medical doctoral student union (MDR) at Lund University.

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