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Forskare, Biträdande, PhD

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New personalized strategies for preventing and treating breast cancers are in need. It is imperative that mitigating the risks posed by obesity and hypercholesterolemia is a vital part of this effort. The ultimate goal of my research program is to characterize the critical biochemical links between these two conditions to foster the implementation of cholesterol lowering medication into routine clinical breast cancer therapy. Equipped with a combination of epidemiological, laboratory and clinical experiences, our interdisciplinary research team is qualified to address this unmet and urgent concern. Cholesterol lowering medications like statins are not only well tolerated but relatively inexpensive drugs. For their effective use, a robust mechanistic mapping is essential to design highly effective combinatorial treatment regimens with low toxicity profiles.  We focus on an interdisciplinary approach and rely on a team of researchers with outstanding knowledge of the study area and who share our vision for a truly personalized and durable breast cancer therapy in the near future.

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  • Cancer och onkologi


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