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Brief Admission Skåne (BAS): Replacing General Psychiatric Admission for individuals with self-harm and acute risk of suicide.

Primary Investigator: Sophie Westling, M.D., Ph. D.
Research Team: Sophie Liljedahl, Ph. D., Daiva Daukantaité, Ph. D., Marjolein Helleman RN, MScN

The purpose of the study is to test a standardized version of brief admission (Brief Admission Skåne: BAS) through randomized controlled trial (RCT). BAS is being implemented throughout the county of Skåne as a method of reducing reliance on acute psychiatric admissions at times of crisis for individuals with pervasive emotion dysregulation, frequent self-harm and or recurrent suicidality.

Brief admission has a longstanding history in the delivery of mental health services in the Netherlands. Although BA is a treatment option available in various parts of European Psychiatry, it has not yet been evaluated through RCT which is the contribution of the current study. The core elements of brief admission were determined through consultation with Dutch researchers, interviews with individuals with experience, Dutch clinicians familiar with Brief Admission, and local guidelines from hospitals familiar with implementing this crisis management intervention. Core elements of the intervention were standardized into a protocol, and an educational manual was developed to train clinicians involved in the trial. An objectively rated fidelity measure was developed, and the intervention was rebranded as Brief Admission Skåne (BAS).

Individuals with self-harm at risk for suicide are randomized to either BAS + treatment as usual (TAU) or TAU. A priori power analysis suggested that N=124 individuals be recruited. The primary outcome measure is days with hospital admission (general; voluntary and forced care) compared to days in BAS. The main hypothesis is that BAS can replace general admission for the target population. Active participation lasts 12 months. Data are collected at baseline, over the course of BAS, and 6 and 12 months after participants exit the trial. Data are also collected retrospectively from 12 months prior to baseline. 

The study has been progressing since September 2015 and the pilot phase was complete in January 2016. Pilot data were reported at a symposium with 3 abstracts, at the 4th European Congress for Borderline and Allied Disorders in Vienna, Sept 8-10 

Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Psykiatri


  • självskadebeteende
  • suicidprevention
  • personlighetssyndrom


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