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Soo-hyun LEE is a 2030 Agenda Programme PhD Researcher at the Faculty of Law, Lund University, where he works on the nexus between international economic law and financing for sustainable development. He also works for Private Sector Integrity and Due Diligence at the UN Development Programme.
Prior, he was an International Law and Dispute Settlement Associate at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies in Seoul, South Korea, specializing on issues of international economic law, specifically international trade and investment law. Before joining the Asan Institute in 2015, he worked with the UN Office of Legal Affairs, International Trade Law Division, providing substantive and technical contributions to the UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). He was also a Research Fellow at the Columbia Centre on Sustainable Investment (CCSI) at Columbia University, Faculty of Law. He founded and operates a firm that provides legal and advisory services to Korean corporations on matters of economic, policy and legal trends around the world.

He pursued his undergraduate education at New York University and Bucknell University (US) and his postgraduate education at the United Nations University, University of Tokyo, Cambridge University (Hughes Hall) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 


Research interests involve international economic law, dispute settlement, sustainable development, structural and development economics, and sustainable finance.

Doctoral project description:
The hypothesis tested throughout this work is that UN frameworks concerning sustainable development should serve as a normative and procedural framework for investment treaty arbitration tribunals on matters concerning contribution to sustainable development. Of the many causes for investment disputes, this dissertation examines specifically those disputes that arise from a government implementing a measure that results in a putative violation of the rights and protections granted to a foreign investor by the state on the basis of an international investment agreement. Of the government measures taken by the state in its right to regulate that can give rise to disputes, this work turns its analysis to the subset of measures that are implemented to contribute to the public interest, specifically sustainable development. 

Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Juridik (exklusive juridik och samhälle)
  • Nationalekonomi
  • Tvärvetenskapliga studier


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