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My research interest revolves around coastal ecosystems in a changing world. I am especially interested in the ecosystem functioning of marine vegetated habitats, such as seagrass meadows, and I study the intersect between ecology and biogeochemistry to understand how these ecosystems interact with their surrounding environment. 

My PhD project is part of the LIFE project Coastal adaptation to climate change by multiple ecosystem-based measures (LIFECOASTAdapt). Within this interdisciplinary project, several nature-based solutions will be implemented to increase resilience to climate change and to strengthen biodiversity in the coastal zone. This will include beach nourishment, dune restoration, removal of invasive species, and restoration of eelgrass (Zostera marina) meadows at multiple locations along the coast of Southern Sweden. Within my PhD project, I will primarily study the effects of eelgrass restoration on ecosystem functioning and explore the connectivity in the transition zone between land and water. 


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