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Law Professor with a German/Swedish background & Founding Director of the Centre for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law (CeBIL) at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Researcher in Quantum Law at Lund University. Specialized in IP, licensing, antitrust & regulation of biotech, artificial intelligence and data with a focus on the health & life sciences. Senior consultant at & expert advisor on challenges emerging from R&D and MA procedures to tech transfer & commercialization. 120+ publications & PI in large scale research projects with UCPH, Harvard Law School, Harvard Medical School, MIT & Universities of Cambridge & Michigan.

German Staatsexamen from Georg-August-University, Göttingen. Life science & IP-related LL.M., LL.Lic., & LL.D. degrees fr. Uppsala & Lund University. Working experience from major international law firms & life science start-ups, the European Patent Office and German courts (Ref. jur.).

Visiting Research Fellow at the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford & Harvard Law School, stipendiate at Max Planck Institute f. Innovation & Competition, guest professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law & fellow of the epigenetics group at LU’s Pufendorf Institute f. Advanced Studies.


◦Director & Founder, Centre f. Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law (CeBIL)
◦PI & grant recipient of NNF Research Programme in Biomedical Innovation Law
◦Senior Advisor,, Legal Support f. Large Research Infrastructures
◦Researcher in Quantum Law at Lund University.
◦ European lead, Stakeholder Consortium of Social Science Research Centres at Global AMR R&D Hub, BMBF, Berlin
◦ International Expert Panel Member of the Genetic Discrimination Observatory (GDO).
◦Expert AB Member, Copenhagen Economics' study f. EU Commission on “the economic impact of SPCs, pharma incentives & rewards in Europe"
◦Steering Committee (SC) Member, Research Project "Rechtsschutz biologischer Innovationen & Erfindungen" at Max Planck Institute f. Innovation & Competition
◦SC Member of the Danish Association f. the Protection of Industrial Property
◦ SC Member, Danish Life Science Law Association (LifeScienceLaw.DK)
◦Scientific Advisory Board member of the Copenhagen Centre for Regulatory Sciences (CORS)
◦Legal member of CPH Health Science Partners CAG - Precision Diagnostics in Cardiology 


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