Tornike Metreveli

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I am an Associate Senior Lecturer in European Studies and a Docent in Sociology of Religions. I received my doctorate in sociology (magna cum laude) from the University of Bern (2017) where I was honored to work under Professor Christian Joppke’s supervision within the Swiss Government’s Excellence Scholarship scheme. Before joining Lund, I was a Research Fellow in Ukrainian Studies at Harvard University, Ukraine Research Institute. I am a student of nationalism (MSc in Nationalism Studies from the University of Edinburgh) with research interests in the intersection of nationalism and Christianity in the geographical spaces of the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. My first book - Orthodox Christianity and the Politics of Transition (2021, London: Routledge) discusses in detail how Orthodox Christianity was involved in and influenced political transition in Ukraine, Serbia and Georgia after the collapse of communism. 
I was the Principal Investigator (PI) of the project Coronavirus: A New Test(ament) of Orthodox Christianity, which examined the responses of Orthodox churches to the global pandemic (resulting in my second edited book, titled Orthodox Christianity and the COVID-19 Pandemic ). The book explores the dynamics between Orthodox Christianity and the COVID-19 pandemic, unraveling a profound transformation at institutional and grassroots levels. Employing a multidisciplinary approach, and drawing upon varied data sources, including surveys, digital ethnography, and process tracing, it presents unprecedented insights into church-state relations, religious practices, and theological traditions during this crisis. My third book, Sentimental Orthodoxy in Ukraine (in revision) dives into the organizational ecology of Orthodox churches, their operational tactics and geopolitical assertions in Ukraine. I am part of the Christianity and Nationalism research platform and steering committee member
I am currently Team Lead in the collaborative project with St. Gallen University, Religion and the Wars of the 21st Century: Mapping the Narratives, Examining the Causal Factors, Understanding Teleology in which with a team of researchers we are working on the creation of an open database of religious organizations. I was a PI of the project Territoriality of the Georgian Orthodox Church, resulting in an open database of religious narratives and the first-ever geospatial account of all Orthodox churches in Georgia ( for what I received EU Prize for Journalism. Check out my Google Scholar page for my academic publications. Last update: 4 December 2023


I found the podcast Conversation Series in which I host eminent scholars and discuss their recent work. We reached in December 2022 1600 monthly listeners via all podcast medium platforms. More details are available at our new web platform. Check our episodes by going to the Spotify link.


I am an editor of  the Religion and Praxis platform which unites a blog and a monthly podcast. The purpose of the platform is to enhance knowledge and understanding about the fundamental historical, political and social processes affecting the relationship between religion, nationalism and theology. See all episodes of my podcast.


I have ten years of teaching experience on various levels in Bern and St. Gallen Universities. I am prepared to teach undergraduate and MA-level classes online or in-person on a variety of topics, including religion and ethnic politics, religion and organized violence, Christianity and nationalism, populism and Christian theology, sociology of sport, and social movements.

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