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Senaste publikationer (2018 - 2023):

- “Incommensurability and vagueness in spectrum arguments: Options for saving transitivity of betterness”, with Toby Handfield, Philosophical Studies 175, 2018, 2373–2387.

-Special issue on “Beliefs in Groups”, edited with Franz Dietrich, Theory and Decision 85, issue 1, 2018, pp. 1-116.

- “Introduction to the Special Issue ‘Beliefs in Groups’ of Theory and Decision”, with Franz Dietrich, Theory and Decision 85, 2018, pp. 1-4.

- “Are Institutions Rules in Equilibrium? Comments on Guala’s Understanding Institutions”, Philosophy of the Social Sciences 48, 2018, 569-84.

- “Between Sophistication and Resolution – Wise Choice”, in R. Chang and K. Sylvan (eds), The Routledge Handbook of Practical Reason, Routledge, 2020.

- “A Simpler, More Compelling Money Pump with Foresight”, with Johan Gustafsson, The Journal of Philosophy 117, 2020, pp. 578-89.

- “Are Probabilities Values?”, in I. Niiniluoto and S. Pihlström (eds), Normativity – The 2019 Entretiens of Institut International de Philosophie, Acta Philosophical Fennica 96, 2020, pp. 67-99.

- “Incommensurability Meets Risk”, in Incommensurability: Vagueness, Parity and Other Non-conventional Relations, ed. by H. Anderson and A. Herlitz, New York and London: Routledge 2021: 201 – 230.

- “Explaining Value. On Orsi and Garcia’s explanatory objection to the fitting-attitude analysis”, with Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen, Philosophical Studies 78(8), 2021, pp. 2473-2482. (Published on-line October 2020.)

- “Värdeteori i Sverige – de senaste decennierna” (Value theory in Sweden – the recent decades), Svensk Filosofi 2021,

- “Can Parfit′s Appeal to Incommensurabilities Block the Continuum Argument for the Repugnant Conclusion?”, in Ethics and Existence: The Legacy of Derek Parfit, ed. by J. McMahan, T. Campbell, J. Goodrich and K. Ramakrishnan, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2022: 430-460. 

- “Getting Personal – The Intuition of Neutrality Re-interpreted”, The Oxford Handbook of Population Ethics, ed. by G. Arrhenius, K. Bykvist, T. Campbell and E. Finneron-Burns, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2022: 114-141. 

- “Degrees of Commensurability and the Repugnant Conclusion”, with Alan Hájek, Noûs 56 (4), 2022: 897-919. Published on-line in 2021. Voted by Philosopher’s Annual 41 (2022) as one of the ten best philosophical papers that appeared in 2021.

- “Personalized Neutral-Range Utilitarianism with Incommensurable Lives – What Form Does It Take? And Is It Repugnant?”, Filosofiska notiser 9/1, 2022: 63–86.

- “Sten Lindström till minne”, Filosofisk Tidskrift 2/43, 2022: 62–3.

  1. “Sten Lindström in memoriam”, Theoria 88 (2022): 487–90.

    - “Goodness and Numbers”, in Andres Garcia, Mattias Gunnemyr, and Jakob Werkmäster (eds.), Value, Morality and Social Reality – Essays dedicated to Dan Egonsson, Björn Petersson & Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen, Department of Philosophy, Lund University 2023: 355-381.


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