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Senaste publikationer (urval):
-"Buck-Passing and the Right Kind of Reasons", med T. Rønnow-Rasmussen, Philosophical Quarterly 2006
-"Democratic Answers to Complex Questions - An Epistemic Perspective", med L. Bovens, Synthese 2006
“Pragmatic Arguments for Rationality Constraints”, i Galavotti, Scazzieri & Suppes (eds), Reasoning, Rationality and Probability, Stanford: CSLI Publications 2008
-"Value Relations", Theoria 2008
-"Incommensurability and Vagueness", Proc. of Aristotelian Soc., Suppl. Vol. 2009
-"Preference Utilitarianism by Way of Preference Change?", i Grüne-Yanoff & Hansson (eds), Preference Change, Springer 2009
-"The Puzzle of the Hats", med Luc Bovens, Synthese 2009
-"Broome and the Intuition of Neutrality", Philosophical Issues 2009
-"Analyticity and Possible Worlds", Erkenntnis 2010
-"Better to Be than Not to Be?", med G. Arrhenius, i Joas & Klein (eds), The Benefit of Broad Horizons, Brill 2010.
-"Value Relations Revisited", Economics and Philosophy 2012
-"The Interference Problem for the Betting Interpretation of Degrees of Belief", med L. Eriksson, Synthese 2013.
-“Safeguards of a Disunified Mind”, Inquiry 2014.
-“Two Intuitions About Free Will: Alternative Possibilities and Intentional Endorsement”, med C. List, Philosophical Perspectives 2014.
-"Value Superiority", med Arrhenius, i Hirose & Olson (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Value Theory, OUP 2015.
-"The Value of Existence", med Arrhenius, ibid.


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