LUNA pedagogical prize

    Pris: Pris (inklusive medaljer och utmärkelser)


    Luis possesses the ability to encourage students to do their best in a way that is unparalleled. He creates an engaging atmosphere during lectures that sparks curiosity and prompts the students to ask questions. Luis’s infectious enthusiasm for his subject matter is contagious, making the students eager to attend each session. What truly distinguishes Luis is his unwavering commitment to his students’ understanding. No matter how busy he may be, Luis always makes time to address their questions. His willingness to patiently explain concepts while juggling other responsibilities, demonstrates his dedication to the student’s academic growth. As we honour Luis with this well-deserved recognition, we want to celebrate the remarkable teacher he is. Luis’s dedication to his students has left an unforgettable mark on the educational journey of his students. It is with utmost gratitude and admiration that we acknowledge Luis’s precious contributions.
    Tilldelande organisationerLUNA, Lunds naturvetarkår