We request support from Lund University (LU) for developing a supersite for comprehensive interdisciplinary studies of Earth-atmosphere-climate interactions, located in Hyltemossa (N. Skåne). It combines the already existing ICOS Sweden measurement site with the ACTRIS environmental research infrastructure, and the NordSpec network. LU funding will be used to increase our support and services to a wide variety of users within and outside of LU. Increasing the physical access to the site and the virtual access to full open access data products will benefit and attract researchers from multiple disciplines, especially within LU strategic research areas MERGE and BECC, and Centres of Excellence LUCCI and METALUND. ICOS long-term state-of-the-art observations of long-lived greenhouse gases (GHG) and ecosystem variables are highly complementary to ACTRIS long-term observations of shortlived climate-forcing air pollutants, including aerosol particles. NordSpec complements this by providing spectral data for improved understanding of vegetation processes and to upscale GHG data to the landscape level via remote sensing. Further development and evaluation of Earth system & Climate models and hence prediction of climate change depends on such combined data set. Since VR requires a close ACTRIS-ICOS collaboration, LU funding will support ACTRIS Sweden in submitting of a research infrastructure proposal in 2019.
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