A whole systems approach to electrification in the Swedish energy transition - coping with the trilemma and potential tradeoffs between sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply

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The Swedish electricity grid is one of the world's most reliable and has been a key factor for Swedish industrial development. The climate-driven energy transition affects the electricity grid by (i) introducing a larger share of variable electricity generation from renewable energy sources and (ii) the electrification of energy end-use, creating new usage patterns. An inadequate adaptation of the grid may hamper the implementation of electrified technology as well as regional economic development, while rapid developments in e.g. battery storage and load control
create investment uncertainty for grid owners.

There is a need for coordination of the electrification, not only from a technical perspective, so that regional and local electricity networks may adapt to future needs. This project will explore how governmental institutions can
provide incentives for the development of electricity networks while ensuring that other societal goals such as sustainability are not counteracted.
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