AcCEssibility analysis and distributional effects connected to the regional RAILway investments

Projekt: Forskning



The overall goal of a transport policy is to ensure a socio-economically efficient and long-term sustainable transport supply for citizens and businesses throughout the country.
In this project, we focus on railway investments, since they have shown to have a profound impact on land use, the economy, society, and the environment.
We want to analyze the distributional impacts connected to regional railway investments, both looking at the changes in job accessibility that they have brought, and at the effects on the real estate markets across Sweden. To do this, we use high-resolution timetable and operational data from Trafikverket, microeconomic data from SCB, and data on real estate transactions.
The results of ACE-RAIL project can function as tools not only for the development of accessibility analyses but also as a support for decision-making (informing both the transport equity policy agenda and decision-making processes more generally). The analysis of the distributional effects will allow understanding underlying social dynamics that may explain (or support) previous (or future) railway investments.
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