Algorithm/Hardware Co-design for Digital Baseband Processing in Massive MIMO Systems

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Bandwidth Efficient Communication: theory and implementation
Massive MIMO is an extremely hot and exciting research topic and one of the most promising alternatives for 5G. Another relatively new technique is Faster-than-Nyquist Signaling (FTN). In both these areas the EIT department has world leading research and strong international research collaborations. Both techniques aim for more bandwidth efficient communication. The theoretical research has been flourishing for the last couple of years while the implementation perspective has been lagging. The main task of this thesis work is to investigate how we through algorithm/hardware co-design can achieve more efficient hardware solutions. The research project will be conducted with close cooperation with circuit design and wireless communication groups in the department, as well as with leading companies in the area. The research has two parts: to focus on the development of efficient hardware architectures combined with investigations of how algorithms can be modified to become more hardware friendly. Important digital base-band processing function blocks in Massive MIMO will be investigated, focusing on the efficient hardware realizations.
Kort titelVLSI Implementation of Massive MIMO Baseband Processor
Gällande start-/slutdatum2016/10/152021/09/15

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