ARTs agency and social mobility: Intergenerational transmission of Sami culture in family, educational and community settings

  • Hofvander Trulsson, Ylva (Forskare)



For the Sami, assimilation processes into the majority society have led to the loss of capital (economic, social and cultural). Today, the narratives of many older Sami convey feelings of shame for their culture. In a recent report half of the Sami school children in Sweden had experienced mistreatment because of their Sami heritage. A pilot study, where the PI interviewed eight principals at ’municipal school of music and arts’, in Sapmi, revealed a lack of knowledge of Sami representation in their courses. In addition, there were no teachers specialised in Sami music and arts in these schools. Two representatives from a Sami parent organisation emphasised a general challenge in making Sami culture and language visible and accessible for the children and adolescents within the majority society. The present project will study the intergenerational transmission of discourses of culture and arts education and its relation to the concepts of identity, empowerment and social mobility in the Sami group. The methodology is based on cultural analysis. The empirical data will be primarily derived from interviews with an open-ended design. A total of approx. 48 participants will be recruited, divided into four focus groups, Sami parents in Sweden and Norway, Sami adolescents (aged 12 to 19 years) in Sweden and Norway, and individual interviews with art- and educational council officials from four municipalities in Sweden and Norway.

Funded 4,5 milj SEK

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Projekt finansierat sv Svenska vetenskapsrådet 4,5 milj SEK.
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