Association of specific medication groups with loneliness and social isolation in older adults



Our hypothesis is that some specific medications and/or groups of medications are associated with increased risk of loneliness and social isolation. There are several plausible mechanisms by which medications may induce and/or intensify loneliness and social isolation. One mechanism could be via side effects (e.g., impaired balance, dizziness, and falls), impeding the ability for social interactions with others. Fall-risk-increasing drugs (FRIDs) are drugs that have been associated with increased risk of falling among older adults. FRIDs is a heterogenous group of medications, including antipsychotics, anxiolytics, hypnotics, sedatives, antidepressants, opioids, and antiepileptics. Another mechanism could be via worsened perceived health.

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Are specific medication(s) and/or medication groups associated with loneliness and social isolation in older adults?
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  • Medicin och hälsovetenskap


  • Older adults
  • polypharmacy