Automated decision-making – Nordic perspectives

Projekt: Forskning



The objectives of the research network are to:
• Create an interdisciplinary research agenda for studying current developments in the use of automated decision-making systems, focusing on the Nordic public sector.
• Develop empirical baselines for beginning to assess the impact of automation on employees and citizens whose work practices and data feed automated decision-making systems.
• Facilitate coordinated fieldwork efforts and further knowledge exchange between communication studies, computer science, anthropology, law, etc. to thereby strengthen future interdisciplinary research on automation across institutional and national boundaries.
• Organize an international conference on automated decision-making in Copenhagen in 2021.
• Publish preliminary findings in open access, peer-reviewed journals, and in public media.
• Prepare the ground for a larger interdisciplinary EU research project proposal.
Kort titelADM in public sector
Gällande start-/slutdatum2020/02/032022/09/30


  • Lunds universitet
  • University of Copenhagen: Department of Communication (Medsökande) (huvudsaklig)
  • University of Helsinki (Medsökande)