Beryllium-10 in highly-resolved natural archives: Solar variability, global synchronization and implications for paleoclimate



Throughout my Ph.D., I will mainly focus on 10Be in laminated lacustrine sediments but also ice cores.

The potential of sediment records, which has yet to be thoroughly employed, will help us to provide information on three different axes:
1) We will hopefully be able to reconstruct past short-term solar variability (e.g. the ‘11-yr’ cycle) at timescales not reached before.
2) Varved sediments will allow us to investigate sun-climate relationships with no uncertainties in the timing between the different solar and climate proxies.
3) Determining a common signal of 10Be in both ice cores and lake sediments will contribute to synchronizing these different archives and thereby complement information on leads and lags of past climate changes.

In addition, another focus of my project will be to investigate the occurrence frequency of extreme solar events, such as solar flares and coronal mass ejections, by interpreting spikes in ice core Be-10, C-14, and Cl-36 concentrations.
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