Better Diabetes Diagnosis (BDD)

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The Swedish Better Diabetes Diagnosis (BDD) study has been ongoing for more than ten years and detailed information and blood samples have been collected from more than 7000 children and adolescents with newly diagnosed diabetes. The discrimination between type 1 and type 2 diabetes is improved by means of HLA, diabetes autoantibodies and C-peptide. These analyses are therefore included in the clinical check-up for all children and adolescents in Sweden who are diagnosed with diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is still the most prevalent type of diabetes and Type 2 diabetes is still relatively rare in Sweden. However, it is urgent to obtain a correct diagnosis including monogenic diabetes (MODY). Sequencing of MODY genes should be performed if an individual with diabetes is autoantibody negative and have an HLA pattern associated with low risk for type 1 diabetes.
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