Bortom välfärdsstaten: europeiseringen av det svenska civilsamhällets organisationer (EUROCIV)

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Our aim is to provide a comprehensive analysis of how processes of Europeanization affect Swedish civil society organizations (CSO) working with welfare policy and how they, strategically, make use of the European Union (EU) as a new political opportunity structure. Issues of Europeanization are neglected in much current research on Swedish CSOs.

In a series of thematic studies - departing from theories on political opportunity structures, multi-level governance, institutional opening and social movements - we will investigate the dynamic interaction between EU institutions and collective actors. We will adopt a multi-method design and draw on comperative case studies as a key methodological approach.

Two studies focus on structural conditions at EU level and pan-European CSOs activities. To investigate features, patterns and experiences of EU collaboration, we will also conduct a survey of Swedish CSOs working with welfare policies. In another study we will analyze the historical evolution of international/European cooperation among Swedish CSOs of this kind. Lastly, we will conduct an in-depth, comparative study of the multi-level strategies deployed by Swedish CSOs through investigations of strategically selected EU policy cases.

The research group constitutes an interdisciplinary co-operation of researchers from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Lund University, and Södertörn University College and will provide key insight into the impact of the EU on Swedish CSOs.
Kort titelBortom välfärdsstaten
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