BIOECONOMY Graduate Reserach School (GRS) is a transdisciplinary graduate research school at Lund University with an overall aim of developing the competencies necessary for participating PhD students to: i) adopt systems approach in order to identify and assess the full range of technological, economic, social and ecological challenges and opportunities in transition to a circular bioeconomy; ii) lead the way in innovative inter/trans-disciplinary research and education for a sustainable bioeconomy in the international arena.

BIOECONOMY GRS aims to act as a collaborative learning platform at Lund University allowing researchers and Ph.D. students, across faculties/disciplines and research areas, as well as non-academic stakeholders to meet with each other in order to identify, carry out and communicate innovative, analytically advanced and yet problem-oriented research for a sustainable future circular bioeconomy covering the whole biomass value chain. BIOECONOMY GRS's main focus will be on Sweden, but in Nordic and global contexts.
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