This proposal is based on two major population studies, namely Malmö Offspring Study (MOS) and its dental arm, Malmö Offspring Dental Study (MODS) as well as Swedish CArdioPulmonary bioImage Study Malmö (SCAPIS). The main hypothesis of this project is that decades of periodontitis and consequent systemic inflammatory stress cause a phenotypical cardiovascular disease (CVD) trait that may need to be addressed differently than CVD in a non-periodontitis subject. Our group recently published a paper on individuals with periodontitis having larger carotid plaques, now we have preliminary data indicating that the picture is more complex than that.

The first aim is to investigate the association between oral health (periodontitis and caries) and atherosclerotic disease, as defined by prevalent carotid and coronary artery atherosclerotic plaque.
The second aim is to characterize the CVD- phenotypical characteristics of oral health (periodontitis and caries) which will be studied in terms of subclinical CVD parameters, plasma metabolites and oral microbiota; and in a later phase - gut microbiome
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