Caring for Animals in a Time of Ecological Disturbances. Law and the Crisis of Anthropocentrism



This research project is situated within the recently emerging scholarship on more-than-human law presented as a way of overcoming law's anthropocentrism. My specific research problem is related to the failure of animal protection and welfare policies in confronting the negative impact of industrial animal production on the enmeshed lives of humans and nonhumans. The research is based on a combination of legal analysis, sociological interpretation and fieldwork research. The study includes interviews and observations performed at farmed animal sanctuaries in rural Denmark and draws on multispecies ethnography, legal geography, care ethics and critical animal studies.

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This research project investigates animal protection and welfare policies in light of the current ecological crisis with a particular focus on the impact of large-scale animal production. The research is partly carried out as an investigation into the legal framework of animal protection and also draws on fieldwork performed at sanctuaries for formerly farmed animals based in rural Denmark.
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