Characterisation of Aquifers in Bolivia

  • Dahlin, Torleif (PI)
  • Barmen, Gerhard (Handledare)
  • Rosberg, Jan-Erik (Biträdande handledare)
  • Gomez Lopez, Etzar (Forskarstuderande)
  • Gonzales, Andres (Forskarstuderande)
  • Pillco, Ramiro (Forskare)
  • Duran, Alfredo (Projektkoordinator)
  • Auken, Esben (CoI)
  • Vest Christiansen, Anders (CoI)

Projekt: Forskning



The project deals with characterisation of the Punata, Challapampa and Pucarani aquifers in Bolivia. In all cases the aquifers are poorly documented in terms of geometry and variation in aquifer properties, recharge rates, extracted water quantities, variation in chemical properties, etc., which is key information for adequate management and protection of the water resources. The aquifers are essential for the water supply of the local communities and agriculture in the respective areas, serving populations of several hundred thousand people. The aquifers are however under threat of over exploitation as witnessed by decreasing groundwater levels, and as a consequence conflicts arise between local water supply companies serving urbanized areas and agricultural interests. There are furthermore threats to the groundwater quality from contamination such as mining and industrial activities, road transports, latrines, pesticides and fertilizers. Information about the extent of the aquifers and existence of possible protective layers with sufficient areal cover and spatial resolution is needed in order to manage and protect the groundwater for use of future generations. Local water supply and environment authorities are working in the respective areas but do not have the tools required for a comprehensive overall picture of the aquifer systems.
Gällande start-/slutdatum2016/06/202018/06/30