Karaktärisering av mesenkymala stromaceller i lunga

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There are different subsets of mesenchymal cells in lung tissue.

To isolate and characterize different subsets of mesenchymal cells in lung tissue.

Research strategy
Different subsets of mesenchymal cells from lung tissue will be isolated using FACS and a panel of known and candidate mesenchymal surface markers. Fresh and frozen cells isolated from lung tumor resections and explanted lungs will be used for cell sorting. Mass spectrometry analysis and functional assays will be used to characterize isolated subsets. In addition, mass spectrometry data will be inspected to identify subset-specific markers. In addition to flow cytometric analysis, protein expression can be verified by western blot. Extracellular matrix composition can be investigated from mass spectrometry data or by performing HPLC to look at e.g. glycosaminoglycan (GAG) levels. Furthermore, analysis of gene expression in isolated subsets, with e.g. bulk or single-cell RNA sequencing, can be applied to add an extra dimension to the characterization.
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  • Cell- och molekylärbiologi