Clinical optimization of cancer screening with simultaneous tomosynthesis and mechanical imaging

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Dr Bakic’s project is focused on the clinical evaluation of novel breast cancer imaging by simultaneous breast tomosynthesis (3D breast radiography) and mechanical imaging – called DBTMI. This multimodality approach, developed at Lund University, may increase cancer detection by 3D imaging, and reduce false positive findings and unnecessary biopsies by mechanical imaging of tissue stiffness.

In this project, 350 women recalled from mammography screening will be enrolled to receive an additional DBTMI exam. Their anonymized images and clinical data will be analyzed to (i) evaluate the benefits of DBTMI over standard mammography screening; (ii) explore identifying various types of cancer; and (iii) perform observer study with radiologists to optimize DBTMI clinical display.

Our overall aims are accurate breast cancer screening, efficient clinical decisions, and cost-effective breast cancer care.
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