Constructing Climate Change: The knowledge politics of the IPCC and the making of policy-relevant knowledge

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My PhD project aims to examine the knowledge-politics of climate change to determine how certain scientific facts / concepts gain legitimacy or credibility within the context of a changing international politics of climate change. The project will draw linkages between the local practices of science, scientific process and creation of scientific knowledge, and its global articulation. It asks questions such as:

- How is the process undertaken?
- Who is involved in this process?
- What is the role of expertise and experts in the articulation of policy relevant science?
- Why do certain articulations of science gain precedence over others within the IPCC?

The dissertation takes the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as a starting point. The IPCC has gained widespread authority within both the scientific and political communities as a scientific body on climate change. This dissertation will explore this in more detail.

Supervisor: Markku Rummukainen

Co-supervisor: Eva Lövbrand
Gällande start-/slutdatum2014/04/072018/11/30

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