Crafting material bodies - exploring co-creative costume processes

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My research aims to explore costume as a polyphone process between agents, positions, disciplines, perspectives, epistemologies, methodologies, and other. I will study how costume can become co-creational processes of ‘coexisting’ and ‘becoming-with’ with others (participants, collaborators, co-creators) where we in specific situations create or dream future ‘worldings’. I will study how co-creators engage, respond, disturb, reflect, and change my design process and artistic practice. Accordingly, the design process is in the centre of artistic research. 

The project has two main frames: to unfold or study co-creative costume design processes (method) and to explore, develop, and extend the (costume) vocabulary we use in the processes. Through a number of artistic manifestations my ambitions are to collect research data (interviews, images and video and audio recording) on co-creative processes.
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