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In the 1970s, Catholic worship culture underwent a radical change due to the theological reorientation initiated by the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) and its implementation by the liturgical reform of 1969/70. This became the starting point for a comprehensive redesign of the interior of many churches. The purist transformation of the church interior, often referred to as "wreckovation", also took place in the Nordic Catholic churches. As in Catholic countries, this reform activity provoked sharp conflicts, not least in Denmark, which with its many parishes and large numbers of converts long was the most important of the Nordic Catholic local churches.
In my reserach, I will take a starting point in his "wreckovation" and the efforts to restore, or "unwreck", the pre-conciliar cultural heritage that was carried out from the 1990s onwards and then with concrete examples illustrate how this cultural heritage was shaped, discussed, and articulated in the period before Vatican II.
Kort titelMateriality and identity in the Scandinavian Catholic local churches
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