Developing and modelling of a new generation of slow light systems

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This position is a part of a large KAW financed project, coordinated by the Division of Atomic physics at Lund University. The aim is to develop and investigate a new type of slow light materials where the speed of light is reduced by up to five orders of magnitude. These materials can provide orders of magnitude performance improvements in widely different areas, here exemplified by frequency- and time-standards, penetration depth of optical tissue diagnostics and optical detection/treatment of malignant and cardio-vascular diseases.

For the project related aspects on crystal mounting to achieve frequency stability better than one part in 1015 is challenging and requires detailed calculations. Further atom-atom interactions in the slow light materials will affect the optical properties of the crystals, which need to be given careful attention considering the stability needed. The boundary conditions following the crystal mounting will likewise have to be taken into account. This latter issue constitutes a scientific area which to our knowledge has not previously been explored.
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