Digitala plattformar och nya matpraktiker: matkonsumtion i kristider

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The aim of this project is to investigate how the Corona crisis is changing the way consumers use digital food platforms. The question we ask is: how does food consumption change in times of crisis and what role do digital platforms play? We explore how consumers have digitalized their food practices during an ongoing crisis and what consequences this has for how food is consumed. Research has shown that everyday food practices are difficult to change, and against this background the objective is to understand what roles digital platforms play in supporting new forms of consumption and making household food practices more resilient and sustainable. In the project, practice theory is used to study the different ways in which the consumer now buys, cooks and eat food, and to show how digital platforms help the consumer create new food practices. Digital ethnography will be used in the project and this method consists of three parts: new ways of ordering online, creative solutions for cooking and dining online, and online food activism. In these three areas, different digital platforms are used, and we will do online interviews with consumers about how these platforms are utilized, but also interviews where we participate in cooking and dining in online video calls. The results of this project enable us to understand how food consumption is reorganized due to societal changes, and in the longer term understand how sustainable digital food platforms can be designed and realized.
Gällande start-/slutdatum2020/08/012021/07/31


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