Ekosystembaserad restaurering av kustzonen - betydelse för ekosystemets multifunktionalitet

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The coastal zone in Southern Sweden is facing several challenges due to climate change related effects such as sea level rise and increasing frequency and intensity of storms. In addition, grey infrastructure (e.g., breakwaters and jetties), habitat loss and dispersal of invasive species have significantly altered the coastal
landscape and decreased its resilience to future change. To combat these challenges, the EU-funded project LIFECOASTAdapt aims to restore the coastline using multiple nature-based solutions such as beach nourishment, dune restoration, removal of invasive species, and restoration of eelgrass (Zostera marina) meadows at multiple locations along the coast of Southern Sweden.

During my PhD project, I will primarily study the effects of eelgrass restoration on ecosystem functioning and explore the connectivity in the transition zone between land and water. However, in order to accurately evaluate the effects of restoration, a comprehensive understanding of the natural variation in eelgrass systems is imperative. Therefore, the initial aim of my thesis work will be to focus on constraining the spatial and temporal variability of physicochemical conditions and biodiversity in eelgrass systems along the coast of Skåne.
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