Design av effektiva millimetervågssändare i CMOS-teknologi

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Design of analog circuits in CMOS technology for use in millimeter-wave transmitters, with the aim of creating efficient designs with high performance, low power consumption, and a small area. Covering all analog blocks, but focusing on power amplifiers and local oscillator implementations, including voltage controlled oscillators and phase-locked loops.

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Wireless communication is expanding into higher frequencies, and this project is about designing integrated circuits for the analog part of transmitters that work at millimeter-wave frequencies. It focuses on the frequencies around 30 GHz and 60 GHz, where future cell-phone standards and WiFi will operate. Targeting hand-held, battery-powered consumer electronics means that the circuits will have to be cheap and have a low power consumption. To address the cost, CMOS technology is used for the integrated circuits. The issue of making the circuits more efficient, i.e. able to provide the needed performance, but with a reduced power consumption, is explored by investigating different architectures and the impact of design choices.
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