Within the project “Electronic Neuro-pharmaceuticals”, we will develop and explore a novel class of electronic materials to combat neurodegenerative diseases (ND). Disrupted brain mechanisms acting from the subcellular to the neuro-systemic level results in a loss of function and structure, i.e., neurodegeneration. The brain operates using both electrical and biochemical signal entities. However, all approaches for relief of symptoms, palliative care, and suggested future therapeutics for ND are mainly based on biochemical approaches.
Here, we suggest a New Modality strategy by developing conducting polymers that are synthesized in situ in the brain, to introduce electronic functionalities as pharmaceutical therapies. With conductivity, electro-activity and device functionality, defined in in vivo-polymerized thiophene-based trimers, we will explore various electrode systems and circuits, ranging from nano- to micrometers in size to directly connect integration and coupling of electronic polymers with the brain, live neuro-circuit signaling, and behavior. This is made possible by using the combination of organoelectronics and locust and zebrafish models together with advanced microscopy and spectroscopy techniques, e.g., live imaging and transmission electron microscopy and synchrotron.

Gällande start-/slutdatum2018/12/012026/03/31


  • Swedish Research Council