ELLIIT LU P01: WP2 Networking solutions

Projekt: Forskning



Multiple access technologies, heterogeneous networks, machine communications, as well as extreme requirements
arising from the Internet of Things (IoT) and tactile Internet pose major research challenges for network-wide
performance engineering for 5G systems. At the same time, new concepts, such as softwaredefined
networks and network function virtualization, open up notions for cost efficiency and resource
management. Moreover, wireless networked systems are appearing in more and more critical situations, e.g.,
autonomous driving and in-vehicle sensor and actuator networks, with a strong need for dependable wireless

This WP leverages complementary expertise in network architecture, mathematical modelling and analysis,
optimization, information theory, and security, for developing new models, architecture, and solutions for 5G
wireless networking, enabling the physical-layer technologies to reach their full potential.

At present, the WP has three tracks. The first consists of performance analysis of non-orthogonal multiple access,
data offloading in heterogeneous networks, and anticipatory networking. Second, the WP investigates the reliability
aspect of dependable wireless communication and energy efficiency in the presence of dependability.
Finally, the WP studies optimization of high capacity random access networks, and scalability of massively overlapping IoT systems.
StatusEj startat