eSSENCE@LU 3:1 - The eStarSpec collaboration: Using eScience to map the Milky Way

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New space missions and ground-based spectrographs are transforming the way we
study the Milky Way as a galaxy. Within the coming ten years a wealth of
observational data will become available: in particular we will soon have
millions of stellar spectra that need analysis. However, state-of-the-art
analysis of stellar spectra is today a time-consuming process: even in
current surveys the process is still very hands-on and slow. We present a
collaboration that will remedy this by bringing the best analysis technologies
up to date with the rapid growth in observed spectra. In particular, we will
build on the expertise in Lund and Uppsala, where Uppsala provides the expert
knowledge of detailed modern analysis of stellar spectra and Lund provides
expertise in HPC and high-level links to ongoing surveys including Gaia and
Kort titeleSSENCE@LU 3:1
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