Utvärdering av olika operationsutföranden vid ögontrycksänkande kirurgisk implantation av gel rör

Projekt: Forskning



Implantation of a gelatine microstent (Xen-45, Allergan) is a surgical option to lower the intraocular pressure in eyes of patients at risk of further glaucomatous damage to the optic nerve and consequently visual field loss. Data from patient records was used to retrospectively compare the postoperative short-term effects in glaucoma patients how had surgery with one of two different surgical approaches to implant the microstent. The results showed no difference in terms of lowering the intraocular pressure (to reduce the risk of more glaucomatous damage). The more time consuming of the two surgical techniques seemed to result in somewhat more surgical complications - so based on this short-term evaluation this study did not find any support to use the more time consuming of the two surgical techniques.
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