Investigation into fetal origins and paternal and maternal contributions to type 2 diabetes risk using -omics approaches.

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Type 2 diabetes (T2D) has a strong heritable component and shows a preferential maternal transmission. However, GWAS explain less than 20% of T2D heritability.
Parent-of-origin effects (POE), wherein the origin of the risk allele (maternal or paternal) determines if a specific allele is neutral, protective or increases the risk of developing T2D, could explain this altered fetal programming, increased transmission of T2D from mothers, and contribute to the missing heritability. Here, we aim to investigate the missing heritability through parent-of-origin effects (POE). on common variants and rare de novo and loss-of-function mutations, which could explain the maternal transmission and relate to developmental programming. We will apply -omics approaches to large family cohorts, cohorts and unrelated individuals and to relevant tissues to address these questions.
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