Functional outcome and survival for intracerebral hemorrhage during prior oral anticoagulant treatment compared with prior antiplatelet treatment versus no ongoing antithrombotic treatment

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An observational study from the Swedish Stroke Register.
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Functional outcome and mortality rates regarding NOAC associated ICH are still abundantly unaccounted for. Henceforth warranting and signifying the relevance of further analyses of large randomized groups of data regarding the investigation of functional outcome and survival rates of NOAC-ICH compared to VKA-ICH. Knowledge regarding AP-ICH vs OAC-ICH (encompassing NOAC) outcome and mortality is scantly covered. AP-ICH will be considered in this study so as to compare functional outcome and mortality rates against NOAC and VKA associated hemorrhages vs no prior anti-thrombotic agent. Furthermore, in order to identify ICH trends over time, point prevalence amongst the different groups will be analyzed during the time interval between 2012-2016.
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