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Preeclampsia (PE) is today the most common cause of death for both infants and mothers during pregnancy. Results from
recent epidemiologicalstudies (also in a study by applicant) indicate that air pollution is a risk factor for PEin line with
other known risk factors. The interest for the applicant's study has been large,enabling contacts that make the following
interdisciplinary study possible, in which we thrive to take previous results further by two common objectives:
1) To understandthe biological mechanisms underlying the effects of air pollution on PE
2) By identifying the contribution ofspecific sources andtypes of pollutants.
In order to do so we willapproach the objectives fromthree angles:
a. Epidemiological study linking registry data with air pollutants modelled at each woman’s workplace and residential
location divided into e.g.emission sources and particle fractions
b. Molecular characterization of placentas selected for high respectively lowexposure to air pollution
c. Expose trophoblast, alveolar andvascular cells for particles collected in high risk areas identified in a)and b)
followed by analyses for oxidative/inflammatory markers
Kort titelPreeclampsia and particles
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